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The Plant Based Future Solution

At Plant Based Future we have over 40 years of experience in bringing about major change in personal behaviours and deeply engrained mindsets. We understand why people change, and how to persuade them to commit to altering what might well be a lifetime of habituated choice.


Our solution to engage citizenry in actively making a major contribution in reducing GWP gases is simplicity itself. It involves only three steps. 

The Plant Based Future Initiative


1. Deliver an initiative that utilizes the 'captive environment' of the workplace to ACTIVELY educate people on the challenges we all face, and what needs to be done to overcome them.

Plant Based Future without Carrefour v 2 (8).png

2. ACTIVELY ask participants to commit to personal dietary change, and record that commitment.


3. Leverage the impetus created in one business to incentivize others to join the initiative and thus create a tidal wave of change

Our initiative relies upon skillful delivery of the active education process and 4 keys facts about adult education.


1. Active education engages when passive education doesn't


2. A sense of working together as part of a greater purpose creates an impetus for change.


3. Commitments to change are more likely to be honored when they're made to others.


4. Impetus is maintained if progress can be evidenced

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