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Executive Summary

Devastating climate change is reality.

We're running out of time.

We all need to pull together to slow global warming.


Net Zero initiatives alone will not make the difference we need them to, quickly enough.


Scientists warn it is essential that we change our diets.

Governments will not legislate for this.

The vast majority of people are largely intransigent.

They need to be engaged.

PBF has a solution to actively gain commitment to dietary change.

It utilizes the ability of corporates to involve their people in societally beneficial initiatives.

(Just like DEI)

It involves an active education program that concludes with a request for commitment.


It uses an app to store key data  and provide/maintain impetus.

It costs very little to implement.

It creates a tidal wave of change.

It's a chance to save the world.

Contact us today to discuss implementing it.       Contact

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