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Why purpose creates impetus for change

Individuals frequently report that faced with the scale of the problem the climate crisis presents, they feel their personal efforts to make a difference are futile.


After all, what difference can a single individual make? It is a simple case of the psychology of personal helplessness, which can so easily be overcome by promoting a sense of unity.


We unify behind purposes that mean something to us, or we consider personally relevant. When faced with the evidence that others are doing their part to achieve the purpose, we recognise that we are not alone and become prepared to overcome intransigence and make a commitment.


Thus, with a common goal that anyone and everyone can believe in (saving the very planet we live on) the impetus for change is created. 

More than this, the Plant Based Future initiative unites people in an demonstrably exponential growing initiative. It begins with personal contributions, which add to an overall corporate effort; which factors into a business sector, and then to the efforts of the whole corporate world. 

It actively encourages individuals to involve their family and friends in their personal commitment to bring about change, and starts a wave of reduction in dietary related GWP gas emissions, all around the world.

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Active education engages when passive education doesn't


The Plant Based Future Solution

Commitments are more likely to be honored when they're made to others
Impetus is maintained when progress is evidenced
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