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The App

The app is crucial in ensuring the ongoing success of the intervention, and in making participants feel that they are part of something much bigger. It is designed to ensure that the message remains fresh in the minds of participants. It helps in converting learning into action and provides ongoing support and motivation.


Its functionality includes:


  • recording individual, personal commitments

  • giving reminders of commitment

  • offering dietary solutions for the day

  • praising the user’s participation

  • celebrating commitment milestones in time and lbs of GWP gases saved

  • encouraging extension of commitment

  • demonstrating ‘what if’ scenarios

  • showing the user the difference they are making in saving GWP gas

  • gathering cumulative data

  • graphically demonstrating mounting usage

  • showing all-company data by business user

  • showing global all-user data

  • offering random thanks and encouragement

  • creating a direct messaging facility

  • providing an infographic library of data to encourage other users to join the scheme

  • providing an infographic library of influencing techniques


It has the facility to be used by individual corporate bodies. It can also be used by individuals. Thus, were the initiative to be used in the public arena, in isolation from any corporate umbrella, people could still sign up to be a part of the wider movement for change.


1. Deliver an initiative that utilizes the 'captive environment' of the workplace to ACTIVELY educate people on the challenges we all face, and what needs to be done to overcome them.


The Plant Based Future Solution


3. Leverage the impetus created in one business to incentivize others to join the initiative and thus create a tidal wave of change

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