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Why evidencing progess creates impetus

Feelings of isolation and futility don't necessarily go away permanently. 

It is important for all of us to see that if we are prepared to do something that changes the norm, there is payback.

In this context, we need to see that our efforts are getting somewhere. 

The Plant Based Future initiative provides graphic, moment by moment data regarding the cumulative impact of all those contributing to the change.


It instantaneously allows you to see not only your personal contribution to making a difference, but also that of those in your organisation and business sector. 

Furthermore, it encourages and thanks you for helping to save the world.  

It creates a feel-good factor that encourages and enthuses participants to strive to make even more of a difference, and even offers assistance in just how to do that.

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Active education engages when passive education doesn't


A sense of working as part of a greater purpose creates impetus for change

Commitments are more likely to be honored when they're made to others

The Plant Based Future Solution

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