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The Initiative

Our experience at Plant Based Future has allowed us the opportunity to both understand and develop methodologies for ensuring learning transfer translates into actionable outcomes.


Over the decades, we have come to understand intimately how to orchestrate personal change in others, and can boast of great successes in bringing about their development.


This accumulated knowledge has great bearing upon these current circumstances.


To this end, we developed an initiative to bring ownership for averting climate change disaster to every individual, by utilising the ‘captive market’ nature of the employer/employee relationship.

Specifically, it was designed to be delivered to all of the employees of a corporate body, with a subsequent impact intended to be akin to a viral infection, with the following outcomes:

  • A minimum of 80% of participants commits to eating a plant-based diet, at least once a week. (Repeated polling evidences the achievability of this number.)

  • Participants influence a minimum of 10% of their Dunbar’s number to commit to the same goal.

  • The initiative is actively publicised and promoted, highlighting both content and purpose.

  • Other businesses are motivated to launch similar initiatives or collaborate on this one.

  • A significant global groundswell of change results.

  • Working in tandem with other Net Zero initiatives, a tipping point is reached.

  • Emissions of nitrous oxide and methane are significantly and meaningfully reduced.

  • Rates of increase in global warming are maintained below 1.5 degrees.


In brief, the design involves the following


  • All employees of participating companies attend a multi-media, region specific, educational intervention.

  • Employing a deceptively simple approach, the meticulously managed manner of delivery, ordering of subject input and specific wording used, is calculated to achieve the desired impact upon attendees.

  • It is structured to soft sell to participants, whilst simultaneously pre-managing any objections and concerns regarding changing personal habits.

  • It unashamedly plays upon emotions and personal motivation to make a difference.

  • It gently and willingly leads participants to the point where they desire to be part of the change we all, if only subconsciously, know is necessary.

  • Having been presented with incontrovertible evidence of the need, all participants are (publicly) asked how many days per week they will commit to eating only plant-based foods.

  • Individual commitments are recorded in a simple to use and environmentally themed, telephone-based app.

The intervention utilises subtle peer pressure. The request to make a commitment, even though voluntary, is crucial. It is important to emphasise that the initiative DOES NOT tell people what to do. It enlists their help in saving the planet. People should feel that in becoming involved, they are playing their part, and becoming part of a movement much bigger than themselves.


Following the first implementation of the initiative, it would be easy to leverage other businesses to follow suit. The involvement of a single major, global, corporate player would create enough impetus to influence other companies to participate. There would almost be an embarrassment factor in not being seen to participate – a tactic already proven in soliciting involvement in Net Zero initiatives.

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