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Some of the business benefits...

As if helping to save the world was not reward enough in itself, the following is a list of just some of the business benefits that can accrue to organizations undertaking the initiative.

By being seen to be one of the first to be proactive in launching such an initiative, any organization may be presented with numerous opportunities to both increase awareness and alter public perception of itself, in the most positive of ways.

From a purely PR perspective, these would include the following:

  • Heighten awareness.

  • Rise above the negative, self-serving image that beleaguers corporates.

  • Distinguish the company in their specific marketplace.

  • Be perceived as a leader in the sector.

  • Be seen as an altruistic, world leading organisation.

  • Be seen as a people’s champion in the fight against global warming.

  • Be perceived as having a serious social conscience.

  • Be perceived as having a world view that extends considerably beyond making money.

  • Gain the support of environmental groups.

  • Increase eligibility for numerous environmental awards.

This would in turn have the following beneficial impacts on the business:

  • Generally encourage potential customers.

  • Positively impact sustainability reporting.

  • Specifically increase the appeal of the organization for Generation Z and increasingly, Generation Alpha.

  • Open a greater number of business collaboration opportunities.

  • Strengthen intra-business relationships.

  • Increase the company's ability to influence and/or collaborate with governments, the public, charities in other areas. (e.g., challenge governments to tax animal products in the way they do tobacco to promote even greater impact).

And the following benefits within the business:

  • Increase attractiveness to new employees.

  • Raise staff morale.

  • Improve retention levels.

  • Create a “we’re making a difference” and “we’re all in this together” ethos, that translates into an increase in overall teamwork.


Whilst many of the externally focused benefits would apply most impactfully to those involved at the outset, the general inwardly focused benefits would accrue to all businesses becoming involved.

It is also reasonably foreseeable that there will come a time that not being involved will be detrimental to a company's image.


Net Zero initiatives can reduce Global Warming Potential (GWP) gases, but not by enough, and not quickly enough


Scientists warn us that to avert irreparable damage to our planet, we need to change our dietary habits


But the vast majority of us are not acting upon that knowledge


We all need to do a lot more and the corporate world can take the lead

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